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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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reporter kristin there's it's more on the call and help concern still worrying many people. certainly then the sound of uncertainty in that phone call meanwhile some residents are telling us tonight they're still struggling to breathe and is rich in their and their rounds of air quality tests only tells part of the story. from the first 911 call you wouldn't know how large the fire was the no. 4 diesel unit of british bridgman chevron refinery. the response from a dispatcher apparent confusion. but as i mean? we now know how serious it was a black cloud of smoke has already sent within 1700 people to hospitals glorias and asthmatic says she's been bombing ever since. did wait it
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was really painful. ens like vomiting and headaches. tesla's today by contra costa health services show's low levels of dozens of harmful chemicals in the richmond air but experts have not yet tested for one critical concern small particulates like cancer causing ben same who are what's turned the smoke from the fire blackened can cause the kind of symptoms that she has to be another 10 days before those results come out. they say we don't have to worry about its but this you don't know. that's why she's considering filing a claim against chevron for medical expenses so far this 1000 people have jammed phone lines at the state claims. you've heard from some committee members that they received busy signals at times i want to encourage people to call back of that happens. chevron says it will reimburse businesses that had to shut down along with people lost wages are had
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medical expenses or property damage ever seen as fears the real damage will be to her house down the road. color sphere meanwhile dana's chevron officials are saying there will be setting up a physical office out here in richmond. prisoners in richmond thank you. california drivers to be paying the price for that fire for some time experts say they could make months to repair damage to the refinery with supplies as much as 15% of the state's gasoline bay area gas prices are already up overnight the average price for a gallon of regular rose 5¢ in san francisco and jumped 7¢ in san jose and oakland's to find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood in search by city your zip code to pinpoint the best price. a huge turnout
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tonight it's the temples across the day hundreds gathered to hold vigils to mourn the victims of the terrible massacre and wisconsin this was the scene of the sikh temple in san as saying the show sympathy and support went well beyond religious outrage. the waves also the support we appreciate that and during this time of morning we offer the same support in return. the first funerals for the victims will be held on friday. all the cards are on the table and seven day. tonight after a long legal battle the city's newest casino is open for business. they want to decided they want to up the ante. the equates of 49 tables are jam packed if there were more they say fill in them would be pretty sure bet. there is a man's for good quality adult
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entertainment and that this is the ribbon cutting was this morning and talk is already heating up to make more tables. this november they will decide whether they will add a total of 60 more tables over the next two casinos major sunday 11. currently the two car houses are projected to bring in about 15 to $80 million a year in tax revenue is the ballot measure passes the major says that tax money would skyrocket in the but voters look at the benefits which is the general funds. the libraries and four plays. for parks and recreation. the revenue is nice to have the revenue offset a becomes for too high a price. even though the city had to lay off firefighters and police officers after a decade of budget cuts. we know
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about the thefts and loan sharking. the violence that often results when debts are paid that domestic violence we don't need any more of its. at one point its two-hour wait so support for more tables list lawn. means more gambling more money for the city. what's the point that broke anyway. in council member says they just don't have the money to mount any kind of meaningful opposition. the casino folks let their rods. live in san as a kid does cbs five. however for said of for the first time ever retiring americans will be getting less at a so security than they put in. it's only going to get worse. yes he retired in 1960
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bought back seven times more in social security benefits than you paid in taxes the payroll taxes were local at lower and there are mourning benefits. so a married couple retired last year it will collect about five under $56,000 if the member is 82 and the one listed 85 to get $42,000 less in the pan and taxes that disparity is only able to get worse a retirement couple would get $699,000 in benefits that's less than the and taxes stilly financial pain planner says such security is better than nothing for those who need to save for retirement. so security is not as big a deal as these to be. with the vast majority of people retiring they may not collect as much as they paid in. the inability to save
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the means they would get something that they would not otherwise get so security is forecast to run dry by 2033 when taxes on the pay for 75% to the benefits so future retirees will probably have to pay higher taxes or a sad floor benefits for this year and last the tax rate was reduced to 4.2% below back up to 6.2% in january of. giveaways he's been under fire for by the mama and on and out of state hunting trip that today the president of the state fish and game commission was the one that's that's. did brian was there when that vote came down. it was a photograph of the commission president with kim lyon he hunted and killed in idaho that sparked the controversy in february since then it was richard seen here speaking about an unrelated issue of the pitching game commission. i was caught in the
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cross hairs of critics including some animal rights groups because while hunting and killing at mines is probably the lawn at a home it's illegal in california where he heads up the commission. it is symbolic in cells of the voters saying look at me and your president of the fish and game commission and i'm going to waive this dead cat in your face. richard fired back in an interview with radio talk- show host john in cannes in march. we have a very aggressive well-organized well funded and an ira terrorists. that is supporters and many of them showed up in a fishing game commission meeting when the controversy erupted. and here to support- richard i think this whole thing is shameful and ask him to step down in recent weeks commissioner richardson has become the target of a modern- day witch hunt. a group of
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republicans of the state capital even sure a letter in support of richards. even then to the voices of the critics from correct avenue some on down wanted richards to step down. should be in opposition. it should be somebody cares about the management animals. a bay area council is one of the highest breast cancer rates in the world the new theory about vitamin d. the ducks is making major step into the future how you'll be able to pick your drink just by same name. i would probably take a darker wash. find her jeans and just want to try the high-tech dressing room that scans your body and tells you what to buy. a careful there that, people on a candy jar whi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the calling it a major
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leadership shake up the nation's largest breast cancer foundation and the founder susan g. common for the cure is stepping away from day to day management and the president is leaving altogether. fallout from the group's decision earlier this year to end funding for planned parenthood, restore that after a three day firestorm by its the criticism has continued. several other executives have also resigned. it's been a medical mystery in marin for years. by some many women in that particular county get breast cancer? the rate is one of the
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highest in the world. sen now researchers said they may have found a clue reporter case) on what has to do with the vitamin d. it's a puzzle researchers have been trying to solve. it is received national attention and response many studies looking at supply of their historical side. billings the high-level of breast cancer to a variants. the study of 238 women found those of the high risk of breast cancer are twice as likely to have the receptor. the doctors recent finding with respect to vitamin d in marin county is a new novel finding ends we're poised to follow up on the study. to include more women and hopefully advance research. an
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organization that helps the poor women with breast cancer. organizers are thrilled with the news. for one and a standard rates have been higher than anywhere in the nation so any direction of research and support and understanding about why women get breast cancer because it's essential. the new results could shed light on a path for the cure. take the van csi. and you want to leave your wallet reporter elizabeth cook explains how you be able to pay for that loss say nonfat just by saying name. well you can leave your cash or credit card debt carted home starbucks is a need to make your coffee break a little quicker. and i need is the smart phone neighbor to the starbucks embarcaderos since it
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opened around five months ago since then it's been a hotbed for folks looking to get their caffeine fix. and sandras event for 7 before the july. there is a million people here. getting people in and now is the goal so we learned that starbucks is teaming up the square to allow customers to pay with their smart phone the consumer is going very seismic change in which castle overtime be obsolete. starting this fall below process all the coffee giant step in credit-card transactions. that means that 7000 starbucks locations customers to download the pay by scrap will be able to pay for their loss stay with their phone. you can open it up and show the scanner. founder of the text that picture many. fat becomes a
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customer service. the make it so that every single person feels like their regular. eventually the apple take one step further until needed surnamed soon the fun will be allowed to register whether or not is actually in a starbucks in your name and picture will pop up the o'clock and a picture and will process your payment this is also in the works but will be in the near future. els and listen in. as the cut thank you. from getting the right size to the right to that shopping for genes can be an ordeal. is the perfect pair with almost no efforts to watch shows us how works. duckweeds for jamie jean shopping can be an all-day events. usually you pull 10 genes
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of the rack and try them on. even step on in. the uses three the body map and technology. first-degree a personalized account then she steps down get scans and within minutes deep mud to see yourself? a measurement and picks up more than a dozen perfect tears. will do now is decide whether you want scanning jeans but that basically tear fit preference and then you can go in town a few hours. did ways we do is match your measurements due to measurement information of the government. the founder says body metrics has been wildly popular in london for years and he chose to make its u.s. debut at this bloomingdale's in palo alto for a very specific reason. dick weis i think the future is very much made in the silicon valley that's why we chose this is
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microsoft net technology not only the access your stem from online shopping within six months he hopes to offer bloomingdales body scanning the ax box connects from the comfort of your home. and judging by jimmy's defense team shopping may no longer be an all-day event. now currently the body metrics is only available at the palo alto bloomingdale's and only for a three month trial that is successful onside they eventually will expand to other locations and sunday are living room. chile what cbs five. a bear with an affection for confections took advantage of a faulty lock to go on this week shopping spree. surveillance cameras caught him with a spot
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in the cookie jar of as he went for a gene for fudge in the colorado candy shop. the beer made seven trips. he sold 20 lbs. of english toffee rice kris the streets and other assorted goodies but he was polite about it. the only evidence was heard by the cash register and which was already broken has since been replaced. that is so is their cause is laughing now there because she did did the same thing on my desk tonight she is a chocolate. i didn't go back. tonight toward sunset this as a area notice the haze this is why is the spare the air day. ,, okay, here's the plan.
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area today 60 degrees in half moon bay to 90 degrees in livermore. across the entire bay area looking at for the trans america building and that's what he did those highs across the
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neighbor had 79 in oakland to 87 degrees in san jose which is three degrees above normal. the high 90s across the dry valley. tonight overnight 51 to 59 degrees except for brown would the for corestates not over the pacific at the was there we were up tomorrow but instead it's over the for corestates. to measures will pop as a direct result be a deterioration as far as our air quality is concerned in the east bay and also across the santa clara valley so it is a spare the air day of the bottom line is tonight a few coastal clouds developed overnight will wake up with a little that is china's early hot temperatures and lyndon and the key to the poor air quality will continue to the weekend. along the seashore and montero be to 67 degrees in san mateo we jump up to a decrease in warmer and
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hot tub. mid-90s in morgan hill and gilroy southwest winds and the day of east of the day when no one danville 12 brown wouldn't low 90s in petaluma and seven in san francisco the extended forecast a string a must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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time always expect the unexpected at the coliseum where seven room runs were hit between the a's and angels in the series finale is a rookie dan cavate give up three of them claim to one run lead against the angels and then there's his candor morale is. of he's not that of the game 5 for halos. the offense pick them up in the sixth with a 10th home run of the year scoring five times in that inning 95. angels cuts when the ninth and cut survives allowing just two runs oakland 623 for the angels' 93 mob and 23 and nine since july
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jack the ripper remember the former giants? when she takes and hacks for the cardinals tonight is newcomer 100. did waves bases loaded ryan terry all tether green boots it to run scored giants with five to load one open. marcos's more than keeping the third base job warm for policy and of all when he returns a career high seven runs batted that's a grand slam giants route the cardinals' 15 to nothing. nfl former foreign matter back in the nfl his first practice with the seahawks a 38 year-old says being out of the league last year humbled him so is the new man? i don't want to sit here and tried to emphasize how much i changed. he'll see that as these days go long. so it's more about access for
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words that i think you see that. it's the first time he's ever said that. i have it in my hand wednesday night top five. the never scored a goal and 309 games until now. his hometown average and fans stormed the field in the middle of the match. america is now back crazy for soccer. and number four it's been a tough year for the phillies in the case gets hit in the floods and knocks his comments off his head. and their final months miss the may and carry make it three straight gold medals and beach volleyball at the olympics. pakistan list. brandon crawford and had a great game. in that number one cold medalists job in 30 to hand pounds on his head
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walking off under his own power. and for the folks at home i did not rooted for you because nbc went off the air early tonight. ,,,,,, [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need.
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we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. this week, local seedless grapes straight off the vine are just 79 cents a pound. starbucks coffee is only $7.49. that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. tropicana o.j. is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week.
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( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. and now, fortified with iodine to eliminate goiter, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs
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( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) >> dave: hey, hey, hey! hey! thank you very much. seriously. ( cheers and applause ) a woman... a minute ago, a woman said, "in all the time you've been on the show here, who's your most frequent guest?" and so i thought about it. i said i'd have to get back to her. and i did think about it, and the most frequent guest, that would be oprah. ( laughter ) i would think... right? >> paul: can't keep her off the show. >> right. thank you. i know i don't have to tell you this, folks, but you know what it is this week? have any idea? it's earth week. ( applause )


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